A healthy mind and body
for a fulfilling student life

Self-Evaluation Mental Health Check

About Center

To support the mental and physical well-being, the center provides the following services.

1.Periodic medical checkups once a year without charge
2.Issuing medical certificates
3.Mental and physical health consultations by a physician
4.Mental health consultations by a psychiatrist or a counselor
5.Medical examination and first aid for the sick and injured
6.Referring to outside medical facilities

The center supports students experiencing a fulfilling campus life and all who work on campus work safely.

Yokohama National University, Health Service Center
Hours Weekdays 8:30~17:15 (Except when access to the campus is restricted due to mandatory holidays and entrance examinations)
Hours Of Reception Open Weekdays 9:00~12:45, 13:45~17:00
Hours Of Medical Services
And Counseling Services
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Contact Us Phone 045-339-3153
FAX 045-339-3156

Please note that psychiatry and counseling services are by appointment only.
We accept your first appointment by email or by phone.
The email appointment is a temporally measure and might be unavailable when the coronavirus situation is resolved.