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To support and maintain your mental and physical well-being, the Health Service Center provides medical examinations by a doctor and counseling sessions by a certified clinical psychologist.

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Counseling Services (By Appointment Only)

A Certified Clinical Psychologist consults on your worries and concerns in your campus life. By talking about your concerns, such as your academic problems, what to do after graduation, relationships with your friends or your loved ones and family members, with the counselor, you can find relief for yourself and it will be a chance to organize your thoughts and feelings.
Counseling sessions are available in English. Counseling sessions last 50 minutes at most. We accept your first appointment by phone or in person.


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TEL : 045-339-3153 / FAX : 045-339-3156
*Due to the outbreaks of the coronavirus, we are unable to conduct face to face counseling sessions, we provide the counseling services by phone or online.
As access to the campus is restricted, we will accept your first appointment by email.

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Information about our staff

【Director・Professor】 Kenji OHSHIGE, MD
【Associate Professor】 Tetsuya FUJIKAWA, MD
【Lecturer】 Akiko SUGIYAMA, Certified Clinical Psychologist

【Nurse】 Tami KUSUMOTO
【Nurse】 Kozue TAIMA
【Nurse】 Michiyo KUMAGAI

【Part-time Psychiatrist】 Midori FUJIKAWA, MD
【Part-time Psychiatrist】 Mariko NISHIMURA, MD
【Part-time Psychiatrist】 Asaki KUMAMOTO, MD

【Part-time Counselor】 Nachi MATSUMOTO, Certified Clinical Psychologist
【Part-time Counselor】 Kaoru IKUTA, Certified Clinical Psychologist

【Associate Professor】 Taro FUKUE, Certified Clinical Psychologist
*Also responsible for Student Support Room for those with mental and physical disabilities.

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