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To support and maintain your mental and physical well-being, the Health Service Center provides medical examinations by a doctor and counseling sessions by a certified clinical psychologist.

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Internal Medicine And General Practice

A Physician treats the sick and injured and provides health consultations. Contact the reception directly or give us a call before you come.


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TEL : 045-339-3153 / FAX : 045-339-3156

Information about our staff

【Director・Professor】 Kenji OHSHIGE, MD
【Associate Professor】 Tetsuya FUJIKAWA, MD
【Lecturer】 Akiko SUGIYAMA, Certified Clinical Psychologist

【Nurse】 Tami KUSUMOTO
【Nurse】 Kozue TAIMA
【Nurse】 Michiyo KUMAGAI

【Part-time Psychiatrist】 Midori FUJIKAWA, MD
【Part-time Psychiatrist】 Mariko NISHIMURA, MD
【Part-time Psychiatrist】 Asaki KUMAMOTO, MD

【Part-time Counselor】 Nachi MATSUMOTO, Certified Clinical Psychologist
【Part-time Counselor】 Kaoru IKUTA, Certified Clinical Psychologist

【Associate Professor】 Taro FUKUE, Certified Clinical Psychologist
*Also responsible for Student Support Room for those with mental and physical disabilities.

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