Health Examination

It is important to take regular medical checkups to maintain mental and physical well-being. Take the medical checkup once a year and subsequently any necessary treatments.
Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, this year’s medical checkups will not be conducted as usual.
For details, check “Important Notice” on YNU website.

For students

Regular medical checkups

Every April, the center conducts regular medical checkups. A detailed schedule will be announced on our website.

Tests for regular medical checkups

Filling out the medical interview sheet, measurement of height and weight and blood pressure, eye test, hearing test, internal medicine examination, chest X-ray, and urinalysis are carried out.


Each individual will be informed about the results of the checkup. Based on the result, the center conducts a re-examination test, follow-up care and refer to outside facilities for detailed examination and treatment.

For students who enrolled in October

A detailed schedule will be announced on our website. The tests are the same as the spring checkups.

Issuing medical certificates

Based on the result of the checkup the center issues a medical certificate.

How to get the certificate

① Use the automated certificate-issuing machine.
② Come to the Center with your student ID card.
※We are unable to issue medical certificate s through telephone and email services.


The center cannot issue a medical certificate for those who don’t take this year’s checkups and chest X-ray. The center dose not issue certificates for previous years.
When you cannot obtain a medical certificate, the center will refer you to nearby facilities which provide medical checkups, at your own expense.

Reason for submission

A medical certificate is required for job-hunting activities, entrance examinations, applying for scholarships, enrollment for the dormitory and practical training at school or nursing homes.