Health Examination

It is important to take regular medical checkups to maintain mental and physical well-being. Take the medical checkup once a year and subsequently any necessary treatments.

For staff

The center conducts annual medical checkups for those who have newly arrived and work on campus.

Regular medical checkups

The center conducts medical checkups every June and July.
For details, check the information from each department.

Tests for regular medical checkups

For all:Filling out the medical interview sheet, measurement of height and weight and blood pressure, eye test, hearing test, urinalysis, blood test, chest X-ray, electrocardiography, and internal medicine examination are carried out.
Through request or eligibility:Fecal occult blood test, upper gastrointestinal tract X-ray test, gynecological examination (breast ultrasonography, uterine cytology)


The result of the checkups will be given to each individual. Based on the result, the center conducts a re-examination test, follow-up care and refer to outside facilities for detailed examination and treatment. Those who undergo a comprehensive medical checkup can use the results for our regular medical checkup.

For newly arrived staff

Both full-time and part-time staff are required to take regular medical checkups.
Two weeks prior to starting work, please take regular medical checkup at Kanagawa Industrial Health and Welfare Association.
The tests and process of receiving the results is the same as regular medical checkups.
Those who have taken medical checkups within three months of the first day of work can use it as a substitute for the center’s medical checkup and certificate.