Service Guide

To support and maintain your mental and physical well-being, the Health Service Center provides medical examinations by a doctor and counseling sessions by a certified clinical psychologist.

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Support for the sick and injured

If someone is injured or becomes ill on campus, take appropriate action according to the situation.

① If you are physically able
→ Please come to the Center

The center provides first aid, medical examinations and a place to rest for the sick and injured.
Outside referral services are also available depending on the situation. The center requests an ambulance in the case of emergencies.


Health Service Center guide map

② When you are conscious but not physically mobile.
→ Please contact the Center (TEL:045-339-3153)

After hearing the situation, the medical staff will tell you what to do.


TEL : 045-339-3153 / FAX : 045-339-3156

③ In case of unconsciousness, or obvious serious illness such as excessive bleeding.
→ Please call an ambulance immediately without hesitation.

How to dial outside line 119 ⇒ Click here
AED is available on the campus.

④ Late at night and on holidays
→ Please use the nearby medical facilities.

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How to call the ambulance from the campus

① Dial outside line 119.
⇒ When the line is connected, explain the following.

What is the situation? Accident or illness?

What is the patient's condition? Is he/she conscious or unconscious?

Location? Provide the exact location.

For example, “I’m in room○○, ○○Floor, ○○Building, ○○Department. The address is 79-1, Tokiwadai Hodogaya-ku Yokohama.

② Call the University main entrance guardhouse on 045-339-3210

Tell the staff that an ambulance has been requested and ask them to guide the ambulance.

③ When the ambulance siren is heard, ask somebody to go outside and signal the ambulance.

・At night time, signal by waving a flashlight.

・Before the ambulance arrives, decide who will accompany the patient.

・If possible, take the health insurance card and some money.

When the first person to find the patient is a faculty member.
→ The staff prepares the accident report and submits it to the Dean of the department.

When the first person to find the patient is a student.
→ He/She should go to the Department of Students Affairs and fill out and submit an accident report.