A word from our staff members

A word from our counseling staff

SUGIYAMA,Akiko (Clinical Psychologist)

I think spending several years at university can be a special period for you, different from those of high school days or as a working adult. As you have been given freedom, you can have so many possibilities and options, yet you might experience difficulties managing your time or controlling yourself. On this journey of self-discovery, you might be worried or feel paralyzed and unable to move forward.
Dealing with your worries by yourself will be a precious experience during your university life. Seeking help and becoming good at being helped by others will be a useful skill after becoming a working adult.
When you feel you cannot continue and experience difficulties, please don’t hesitate to come to see us.

FUKUE,Taro (Clinical Psychologist)

I’m Taro Fukue, clinical psychologist. I think life at university has great freedom, a chance to enjoy many things, meet many people and can be a very meaningful period in your life. On the other hand, it can be a time when you’ll have numerous tasks, such as choosing and deciding things by yourselves, constructing good relations with new faces and choosing your career. Sometimes you might feel you aren’t doing well, are worried, or stressed. On such occasions, we are happy to help you. When you have difficulties, please do not hesitate to drop by for a consultation.

MATSUMOTO,Nachi (Clinical Psychologist)

Hello, I’m counselor Matsumoto. I’ve worked in the educational setting as a counselor. You may feel you cannot move forward, you might have tasks to think about, such as relationships with others, your personal matters, your adequateness with your major etc.. Many of you might feel your way of thinking has changed compared with that of your teen years. It will be a meaningful experience to think about yourselves from an objective point of view.
If you have an interest in these tasks, please come to our center. For those who have worries or concerns, I’d appreciate it if you could pluck up the courage to pay us a visit.

IKUTA,Kaoru (Clinical Psychologist, counselor for international students)

When I introduce myself and say, “I’m a counselor.”, some scream and ask me, “Can you read my mind?” I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. My role is not reading your mind. I’ll introduce my role by using a folktale. There was a ridge and it was said those who fall down there, have got only 3 years life remaining. An old man fell down there and became sick. A young man came to see the old man and said to him, “Why don’t you go to the ridge and fall down again? And, you will have another 3 years of life. If you fall down twice, you will have 6 years of life.” The old man went to the ridge and fell down many times and got better. My role is quite similar to that of the young man. I wll help you move forward by creating another viewpoint with you and enabling you to discover and use all of your personal resources.
My messages for international students are available on ISC’s website. A message from the counselor for international students - For Current International Students - International Student Center / Yokohama National University (

A word from our Psychiatrists

FUJIKAWA,Midori (Medical Doctor)

You might have difficulties coping with others, with academic achievements and job hunting and feel stressed in your life at university. When you feel you cannot sleep, have no energy to do anything, have a tense conversation with somebody, someone is spreading rumors about you, or something is bothering you, please do not hesitate to drop by for a consultation. Hearing your worries and diagnosing your symptoms, we take care of you with outside medical resources and our counselors if necessary.

Nishimura,Mariko (Medical Doctor)

We find considerable difficulties in our lives. How we feel and what we do vary widely. I could be of any help. When you have worries and concerns about your mental and physical conditions, please don’t hesitate to come to see us.

Kumamoto,Asaki (Medical Doctor)

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A word from our general practice staff

FUJIKAWA,Tetsuya (Medical Doctor)

Mental and physical well-being is necessary to enjoy a fulfilling university life and demonstrate your abilities fully. Maintaining your well-being becomes a basic power of your university life and helps to promote your abilities efficiently.  However, it is difficult to manage your well-being by yourselves. Students have so much potential, yet they are in the middle of a stage of growth and instability. When you have worries and concerns about your well-being, please come to our center. We will help to prevent you from getting sick with an early diagnosis. We provide you with mental and physical health consultations in cooperation with psychiatrists, counselors and nurses, in cases of necessity, we refer you to an outside medical organization. We hope our center can support all students.

OHSHIGE,Kenji (Medical Doctor)

I’m in charge of the general practice with Dr. Fujikawa from Mon. to Thur.. We practice from 9:00~12:30 in the morning and 14:00~15:30 in the afternoon. You need an appointment when you require counseling or psychiatric services. You don’t need an appointment for the general practice. Please don’t hesitate to drop by to use our facilities. You can use equipment to measure your height, weight and blood pressure. To know your weight and blood pressure is one way to manage your well-being. When you have time, please come to our center and check your condition. We won’t check your results except when you request advice. We have plan to gradually set up more equipment.